While in high school, Heather’s friend, through no fault of her own, could not return home to live with her parents. Deeply concerned for her friend’s safety and stability, Heather went home and persuaded her parents to provide that much-needed home. Ignorant of the commitment and sacrifice she just talked them into, Heather watched in awe as her parents opened their home and hearts to another young person. They took all the necessary steps to become licensed foster parents and provided unwavering support during her foster care journey. Heather recalls a caseworker telling her parents that she had never seen a family give 110% to a child the way her parents had. This was no surprise to Heather, as giving your all was just how things were done in her family. 

In addition to the Herculean efforts she witnessed in her own parents, Heather was deeply touched by the care and support she saw provided to her friend by teachers, administrators, caseworkers and her school community. Heather saw her community rally around a young person in need.

Now, as an adult member of the Tucson community, Heather is keenly aware of the precious gift that families give to vulnerable children and to our community as a whole when they make the commitment and sacrifice of providing children with a safe and loving home. She is also witness to the great joy that these children bring to their new families.