Jessica at three months old with her parents.

So many lives are touched by adoption. This holds true even for our office. Not only does MyersStrickland represent the brave and loving birth parents who choose adoption and finalize over 300 families’ adoptions each year, we are each personally touched by adoption.  Adoption is even more special for our attorney, Jessica Graves, because Jessica, her sister, and her brother are all adopted.

Jessica, at three months old, was adopted from Seoul, Korea. One day in March 1990, Jessica flew from Korea to Michigan to meet her forever family. Every year on that March day, she and her family celebrate her cherished “Plane Day.” Jessica remembers sharing her story and educating her classmates on adoption. Every year on her Plane Day, Jessica and her parents brought goodies to class and gave a mini presentation on what Plane Day was and why it was celebrated in her family.

Jessica with her “Seoul Sister” in 1995 and 2014.

One of her very best friends was also adopted from Seoul, Korea. The two refer to themselves as “Seoul Sisters” and have grown up together since their adoptions.

Jessica’s younger sister has a different adoption story. At just eighteen months, her sister was found at a bus station in China. She then spent a few months in an orphanage before their parents flew from the United States to China to bring her home to finalize the adoption.

Most recently, Jessica’s parents decided to expand their family through foster to adopt. Her parents adopted Jessica’s brother when he was 9 from the foster care system. Aid to Adoption of Special Kids was a huge resource for Jessica’s family as they continued their adoption journey.

Jessica’s family

Jessica’s family continues to celebrate Jessica’s Plane Day, her sister’s Plane Day, and her brother’s Gotcha Day (his adoption day). These days are close to Jessica and her family’s hearts, as these are the days they became a forever family.

Jessica has friends from around the country who were also adopted from Korea. She met them as a counselor at Korean Heritage Camp, a camp offering children and families who are touched by Korean adoption a way to connect and learn about the Korean culture. The heritage camps are offered in Colorado each year. More information can be found at

Adoption touches so many lives. Whether you celebrate a Plane Day, a Gotcha Day, or an Adoption Day, these days do mean something to the children and their families. November is National Adoption Month. We encourage you to help families around the country celebrate this cherished month. During November, feel free to post your adoption story and tag #onedayproject.