MyersStrickland concentrates its practice on adoption law by participating in 400 to 450 adoptions per year – more than any other law firm in Arizona.

Regardless of the type of adoption you are pursuing or where you are in your adoption process, we can help you reach your adoption goals.

MyersStrickland can help you with the following types of adoption:

  • Adopting a Baby in Arizona – Help infertile couples, same-sex couples and unmarried individuals legally, safely and ethically adopt a newborn baby who is voluntarily placed for adoption by his or her birth parents.
  • Foster Care Adoption – Assist foster parents, adoptive parents and relatives with making a foster child a permanent member of their family.
  • Relative and Stepparent Adoption – Finalize the legal adoptions of children wanting to be adopted by a grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, sibling or stepparent.
  • Adult Adoptions – Facilitate the legal adoption of an adult by his or her relative, stepparent, foster parent or birth parent.
  • LGBT Adoption – While adoption for same-sex couples may have been difficult in the past, it’s now a common way for LGBT parents to grow their families — with the same adoption rights and parental rights as any straight couple.

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