American Academy of Adoption Attorneys responds to IAC closing


In a recent announcement that shook the adoption industry, the Independent Adoption Center said it has permanently closed all of its offices and programs in the United States. Many prospective birth mothers and adoptive families working with IAC were thrown into limbo after the announcement.

The American Academy of Adoption Attorneys has issued a press release in support of those affected by the IAC closing. The statement from AAAA president Colleen Quinn reads:

“The American Academy of Adoption Attorneys has recently learned of the impending bankruptcy filing by the Independent Adoption Center (IAC) which is licensed in California, Florida, New York, Indiana, Connecticut, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas. The announced permanent closing of all IAC offices and its programs nationwide has left many families in dire straits. Some may be in the middle of an adoption and are now left without supervision of the placement in order to complete and finalize the adoption, while others have paid substantial sums of money to participate in the IAC adoption program, which money will now likely be lost. This is a situation which should never happen.

The Fellows of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys have pledged to assist those families that now find themselves in this untenable situation. The Academy will assist these families in order for them to obtain their files from IAC, or to have them transferred to other reputable licensed adoption agencies. The Academy will also assist in advising those families as to be best way to proceed with regard to their prospective adoptions. There will be no charge for these services.

A list of volunteer attorneys will be posted to the Academy website at as of February 6, 2017. Alternatively, I can be contacted at to provide referral to a volunteer attorney.”

MyersStrickland stands ready to assist any prospective adoptive families or birth mothers affected by the IAC closing. Please contact us today at (520) 327-6041 for more information on how we can help.