Adoption in Yuma

If you’re considering an adoption in Yuma County, it’s important to know that there are many aspects involved in adopting a baby or putting a baby up for adoption in Yuma. No matter how much research you do, the process can be complicated, which is why you should look into all the adoption resources available to you before starting.

One of the best things you can do is reach out to Heather Strickland, an adoption attorney near Yuma County who can help you better understand what to expect from your adoption. Whether you’re a prospective birth mother or adoptive parent, Heather can help.

Every adoption requires an attorney, so working with the law firm of MyersStrickland ensures that you will receive the legal counsel you need. In addition, we can provide referrals for all the additional Yuma adoption resources you need, including matching, home study and counseling services.

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As you’re considering an adoption in Yuma County as a prospective birth mother or adoptive parent, here are some resources you may want to take advantage of:

Adoption Agencies in Yuma County

Many prospective adoptive parents and birth mothers choose to work with adoption agencies in Yuma and the surrounding area, as they provide assistance from the beginning to the end of the adoption process. Adoption agencies can provide most, of your adoption services, including matching, screening, mediation, case management and more.

However, adoption agencies usually cannot provide legal services — so you likely will need to work with an adoption attorney in Yuma, as well. Attorney Heather Strickland has represented many adoptive parents and prospective birth mothers who work with adoption agencies and will refer you to a proper Arizona-licensed professional to avoid any legal complications.

Here are a few organizations that that she commonly works with:

International Adoption Agencies in Yuma County

Another adoption possibility for prospective adoptive parents is an international adoption. Adopting a child from another country can be complicated, so it’s important to work closely with an experienced professional like an adoption agency to make sure you meet all the requirements and that this is really the best option for you.

Attorney Heather Strickland does not complete international adoptions, but she may be able to refer you to an appropriate agency or international adoption lawyer to assist you. While there are no international adoption agencies in Yuma County, there are some international adoption agencies that serve the whole state of Arizona:

Home Study Providers in Yuma County

No matter what kind of Yuma adoption you complete, you should know that most adoptive parents must undergo a home study investigation process before they are cleared to adopt a baby in Yuma County and the rest of Arizona. This investigation usually involves a certified social worker visiting prospective adoptive parents’ home, interviewing all members of the household and ensuring that the home and family are ready for a new adopted child.

There are no home study providers for adoption in Yuma County, but there are plenty of certified providers across southern Arizona that can help you complete the process. Attorney Heather Strickland can also help you find a professional by referring you to one like:

Hospitals in Yuma County

If you’re a pregnant woman considering putting a baby up for adoption in Yuma County, know that attorney Heather Strickland is here to help. When you work with her, you will not “give a baby” up for adoption in Yuma, but instead will be choosing to give your baby the best opportunity at life possible.

You can call Heather any time at 520-327-6041 to learn more about your unplanned pregnancy options, even if you’re not sure adoption is right for you. Unlike other adoption professionals, Heather wants to make sure that whatever you choose is best for you and your baby, even if it ends up not being adoption. She’ll describe exactly what the adoption process would be like for you to help you make the right decision for you.

If you end up choosing adoption, she will walk you through every step of the process, including making a hospital plan for when you give birth. You’ll be able to place your baby for adoption in Yuma County or anywhere else in the U.S. and choose a local hospital that’s best for you (the adoptive parents you choose will always come to you). Here are some local hospitals and obstetricians you might choose from:

2400 S. Avenue A

Yuma, AZ 85364


2851 S. Avenue B #6

Yuma, AZ 85364


1945 W. 24th St.

Yuma, AZ 85364


There are a lot of steps that go into adopting a baby in Yuma County or putting a baby up for adoption in Yuma County — but there are also plenty of resources available to help you as a prospective adoptive parent or birth mother. When you choose to work with attorney Heather Strickland, she’ll make sure you receive all the accurate information and adoption resources you need for a successful adoption, and she’ll be your legal advocate every step of the way.

To learn more about the adoption process in Arizona or to begin today, please call us at 520-327-6041 or contact us online.