Wounded Veterans Bill Provides Fertility Benefits


Earlier this year, Congress passed the Wounded Veterans Bill, which provides fertility benefits for servicemen and servicewomen who are unable to start a family due to injuries during their service.

Although so many people are affected by infertility, Veterans are specifically impacted while serving our country. Some of the conditions Veterans face are traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or injuries to their reproductive organs preventing them from having children.

Congress took this into consideration when it passed the Wounded Veterans Bill which requires the Department of Veteran Affairs to provide fertility benefits to its veterans. The provision in the bill requires the VA to provide for fertility treatments to roughly 2,000 veterans from post-9/11 troops whose service has affected their ability to start a family.

Previously, Tricare, the military health care program, only covered fertility treatment costs for current active duty military members who sustained injuries preventing them from reproducing. Under the new Bill, injured service men and women no longer on active duty status will receive additional funding to cover IVF treatments, adoption, or other family building options. Additionally, military members may begin freezing their gametes for future use.

How can I learn more?

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