• adopt a baby in arizona

    Help infertile couples, same-sex couples and unmarried individuals adopt a newborn baby who is voluntarily placed for adoption by his or her birth parents. Read More

  • place baby for adoption

    Work with pregnant women who are considering adoption by helping them understand their rights, their options, and whether adoption is truly right for them. Read More

  • adopt a foster child

    Assist foster parents, adoptive parents and relatives with making a foster child a legal and permanent member of their family. Read More

Finalize the legal adoptions of children wanting to be adopted by a grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, sibling or stepparent. Because requirements for stepparent and relative adoption are different than private infant domestic adoption, MyersStrickland will help you understand the legal requirements to complete your adoption and can refer you to a licensed home study provider to complete any necessary assessments. In many cases, your stepparent or relative adoption will be simpler because you are related to the child. Read More
Represent prospective surrogates or intended parents to legally complete a collaborative pregnancy through assisted reproduction. MyersStrickland has been at the forefront of representing both intended parents and surrogates with assisted reproduction technology (ARTs) in Arizona as it has become an increasingly popular method of growing one’s family. Once you have found a surrogate or intended parent match, we can start our process as your legal representation. Read More
Facilitate the legal adoption of an adult by his or her relative, stepparent, foster parent or even birth parent. Adult adoptions in Arizona do not require parental consent, termination of parental rights or an extensive home study process, making the adult adoption process shorter and less complex than other forms of adoption. MyersStrickland can work with you through every step of the process to complete your adult adoption efficiently and in accordance with Arizona adoption law. Read More

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