New Social Security Numbers

Nearly every adopted child (under the age of 18) can receive a new social security number!

Prior to September 2015, the Social Security Administration policy prevented some adopted children from getting a new social security number after their adoption. Exclusions for grandchildren who were adopted by their grandparents, stepparent adoptions, or for children who know they were adopted are no longer in effect!

The legal authority supporting the policy change can be found in the Social Security RM 10225.060 and RM 10225.066 (a copy of which can be obtained through the Freedom of Information Act or is available in our office).

To request a new social security number for your adopted child, take a certified copy of your Adoption Order (Adoption Decree) and the child’s birth certificate listing you as the parent(s) to your local Social Security Administration office.

For more information on the importance of getting a new social security number for your child or general information about adoption, please contact us today.