Foster Care

Foster care is a wonderful way to serve the most vulnerable children in our community and possibly grow your family. Our community always needs more qualified, loving foster homes to provide a safe and nurturing environment for Arizona’s children. However, any decision to bring a child into your home, even if just temporarily, requires careful thought and consideration.

Please learn everything you can about what it means to foster a child, the process of foster-to-adopt, the pros and cons of foster care, the adoption process when the Department of Child Safety is involved, and how foster care adoptions are different from other infant adoptions. We are always available to answer your questions.

We also want you to know the questions to ask your potential adoption attorney to ensure you receive the most attentive and highest quality service. There are many resources available to help you educate yourself about becoming a foster parent or becoming a forever family through foster care adoption, too. We have compiled a list of local and national resources to support your exploration of this family formation option.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you during your foster care journey. Contact us today.