Find an Adoptive Family

You choose the adoptive parents with whom your child will grow up, but choosing adoptive parents for your baby can feel overwhelming and intimidating at first. We are here to help.

How do you find people who are looking to adopt? And how do you even begin to choose the right family to provide the life you want for your baby? How do you find people who will respect you and your desires for post-adoption communication? We are here to help.

Our in-depth conversations with you will help us evaluate your preferences for adoptive parents and post-adoption communication. Unlike other law firms, we do not match you with families that we are representing. Every search for a prospective adoption family is unique, and we are dedicated to helping you find the right match based on your stated needs and preferences. We have contacts with many adoption professionals to locate families wanting to adopt in Arizona and throughout the U.S., so we will help you find the right match, no matter where they live.

Prospective adoptive parents will send us adoption profiles for you to view. These adoptive parent profiles are websites, electronic books, or pamphlets with pictures of the family and descriptions of their lives to help you get a better sense of what kind of parents they would be.

You are welcome to review as many family profiles as it takes until you find the right fit. If one or more of these families seems like they might be right for you, we will guide you through a conference call or in-person meeting with them. You don’t have to choose a family until you are 100% confident, which is why we recommend taking these opportunities to ask whatever questions you might have. A conversation does not obligate you at all to choose a particular family, and we will be available to mediate the conversation if you’re unsure of what to say.

When you’re looking for adoptive parents for your baby, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Where do I want them to live? We don’t limit you to adoptive parents in Arizona. We have contacts throughout the United States, so whether you’re looking for adoptive parents in Arizona or somewhere farther away, we can find a family for you. And you don’t only get to choose their state of residence; you also can decide whether you want your child raised on a country farm, downtown in a big city, or in a suburban family neighborhood, for example.
  • What do I want them to look like? You will have the ability to choose the race of your baby’s adoptive parents, but you’ll also be able to decide what the format of your child’s family will look like. Do you want them to have a two-parent household? Are you comfortable with a same-sex couple? Do you want them to have children already? What about pets? Are you comfortable with extended family living in the same household?
  • What kind of lifestyle do I want for my baby? When choosing adoptive parents, you can consider whether you want your child to be raised by older or younger parents, and what you want their everyday routine to look like. Do you want them to be raised in an artistic household? Do you want them to travel and take lots of road trips?
  • What values are important to me? While this could apply to the religion practiced by your baby’s family, it can also apply to their political leanings, commitment to education, or other values. It may be important to you to find a family who values the same things you do.

Deciding Whether an Adoptive Family is Right for You

While we will help you find a family in Arizona or another state, the decision on whether they’re right for you and your unborn baby is ultimately yours to make. Getting to know the adoptive family can be awkward and uncomfortable at first, so we’ll provide advice on what questions to ask and how to discuss certain topics.

After you’ve interacted with waiting families (whether through email, phone, or in-person), you’ll need to ask yourself whether they seem like the right fit. Usually, you’ll have some sort of gut feeling when you’ve found the right match, but here are some good questions to consider if you’re unsure:

  • Do they meet my expectations?
  • Are they the kind of people I originally thought they were?
  • Were they excited to get to know me and excited about the prospect of adoption?
  • Did they answer all of my questions in a way that made me comfortable?
  • Are they respectful of my wishes and preferences for my adoption plan?
  • Did I get a good feeling from speaking with them?

We will not rush you into a decision you’re not ready to make. We can help arrange any additional conversations with the prospective adoptive parents and help you search for other adoptive families until you find one that’s a good fit for you and your child. Every prospective birth mother has the right waiting family out there for her—and we will do all we can to help you find them.

Remember, you are never obligated to choose adoption, even after you’ve found prospective adoptive parents for your baby. Whether or not to choose adoption is up to you, and you will have the right to change your mind any time before you sign your adoption consent.

You choose the adoptive parents with whom your child will grow up, but choosing adoptive parents for your baby can feel overwhelming and intimidating at first. We are here to help.