Vee Harrington

Title: Administrative Assistant

Responsibilities: Support & administrative services including handling intake of adoption petition packets, review and set-up of files, scheduling of appointments and court hearings, preparation of documents and filing them with the court, and assuring that all files are complete and up-to-date.

How did you get into adoption law?

MyersStrickland had a position available in early 2014, and a friend of mine who had known Scott Myers for years referred me to the firm.  I had not had prior experience in the field of law, but have been delighted to learn the ins and outs of this specialty.

What is your favorite part about your job?

I really love being the one to call the families to tell them they have an adoption hearing scheduled. It’s such fun to be a part of their excitement – I’ve heard a lot of joyous screams, happy tears, and general celebration. Each interaction brightens my day.

What is one thing you’d most want people to know about MyersStrickland?

MyersStrickland is an amazing group of people with different approaches, but who always work as a unified team. The level of camaraderie and compassion here is wonderful. All of us have the same goal: to bring children and parents together.

Anything else people should know about you?

I have lived here in Tucson for fourteen years. I’m married, and we have a daughter who just turned 21. I have over thirty years experience in office administration, including Human Resources and non-profit organizations.