How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Child in Arizona?

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For many parents, the joy of raising a child is priceless — but the road to parenthood can be expensive. Adoption costs in Arizona can range from $20,000 to $50,000, leading many adoptive parents to ask, “Why does it cost so much to adopt?”

If you are planning to adopt a child, adoption costs can vary significantly based on a variety of factors, making it difficult to provide an accurate estimate of overall adoption costs. Some of the variables that will impact the cost of your adoption include:

  • The type of adoption you choose (foster care, domestic infant or international)
  • Your adoption professional
  • The services you and the birth parents need throughout the process

As you consider your adoption budget, it is important to understand the many services that are necessary to complete the adoption process in Arizona. Here are some of the most common adoption services you may need:

  • Agency fees: If you work with an agency, you will likely pay set agency fees for a variety of services. Advertising expenses often make up a major portion of agency expenses, as well as matching services and adoptive family profile development. Agencies can also provide counseling and support services, which help prospective birth parents remain committed to their adoption plan.In Arizona, attorneys are not able to provide these services. However, if you choose to work with MyersStrickland to complete your adoption and need help finding a prospective birth mother, our team can refer you to a child-placing agency to help you locate an adoption opportunity.
  • Legal services: Adoption involves many legal processes to terminate birth parents’ rights, transfer custody to the adoptive parents and finalize the adoption.A family’s legal needs and legal expenses will vary depending on their individual circumstances. However, an attorney will be required in every adoption to ensure that all state adoption laws have been followed throughout the process. MyersStrickland has helped hundreds of families through the legal adoption process, and our practice is exclusively focused on adoption law.
  • Living expenses: Adoptive parents may pay birth parents for reasonable and necessary living expenses in Arizona incurred in connection with the adoption. Expenses exceeding $1,000 require court approval. However, living expenses are variable based on a prospective birth mother’s current standard of living, alternative financial resources that are available to her, and her individual needs throughout the process.
  • Medical expenses: Adoptive parents are generally responsible for any medical costs for the birth mother and baby that are not covered by insurance. These costs vary widely depending on the birth mother’s medical needs and insurance situation.
  • Home study fees: Every adoptive family will need to complete a home study to be certified to adopt in Arizona. When you are ready to start the Arizona home study process, MyersStrickland can refer you to a qualified home study provider, who will be able to quote you a home study fee.

Some adoptive parents will encounter additional adoption costs related to travel, professional overhead fees and more. While adoption costs can add up quickly, hopeful parents should not be discouraged. There are many financing options available to adoptive families, and with careful research, planning and budgeting, adoption can still be a viable option for couples and individuals looking to grow their families.

Because of all of the variables in adoption costs, it can be difficult to accurately assess the overall cost of an adoption without knowing a family’s specific needs and circumstances. Please click the following for a more detailed breakdown of how much it costs to adopt a child or contact us to discuss your adoption goals and receive an accurate cost estimate based on your needs and situation.